Dairy industry

Starter cultures

  • All types of cheeses;
  • Cream;
  • Yoghurt;
  • Curd;
  • Starter cultures for enrichment (Lactobacillus acidophilus, Bifidobacterium lactis, etc.).


  • Animal enzymes for milk coagulation;
  • Microbiological enzymes for milk coagulation;
  • Lactase for ‘lactose-free’ products;
  • Transglutaminase to increase yield of curd, cheese;
  • Transglutaminase to improve consistency of yoghurt.


  • Natamycin: preparation for cheese surface to avoid moulds;
  • Lysozyme: preparation for cheese to avoid late blowing;
  • Nisin: preparation for processed cheese, milk drinks to extend life.

Jams, fillings

  • Fruit fillings with different-sized pieces;
  • Berry fillings with different-sized pieces;
  • Vegetable fillings with different-sized pieces;
  • Fillings of cacao, chocolate, caramel, vanilla, coffee and other flavours;
  • Clean Label fillings;
  • Fruit/berry fillings for whipping;
  • Thermostable fillings.


  • For ice cream;
  • For yoghurts;
  • For desserts;
  • For processed cheese and other products.


  • Spices and spice mixes with reduced microbiological contamination;
  • Standardized-sized spices and spice mixes;
  • Spice mixes for surface decoration;
  • Single spices;
  • Ecological spices.


  • Pork gelatine 100-270 bloom
  • Beef gelatine 240-270 bloom
  • Flavoured gelatine

Modified starches

  • Organic modified starches;
  • Cold swelling modified starches;
  • Hot swelling modified starches;
  • Mechanically modified starches without E-numbers;
  • Blends of modified starches;
  • Modified starch blends with thickeners.

Vegetable fibres

  • Potato;
  • Wheat;
  • Cellulose;
  • Citrus.

Taste and flavour enhancers

  • Yeast extracts;
  • Hydrolysed vegetable proteins;
  • Aromas;
  • Blends of taste and flavour enhancers.

Fried crispy vegetables

  • Crispy fried onions;
  • Crispy fried paprika;
  • Crispy fried jalapeno.

Dry milk products

  • Sweet whey powder;
  • Skimmed milk powder;
  • Whole milk powder;
  • Cream powder;
  • Whey permeat powder;
  • Milk proteins;
  • Yoghurt powder;
  • Cheese powder;
  • Blends.

Cheese coverings

Collagen labels

Wafer cups for ice creams

Food additives

  • Single food additives;
  • Blends of food additives.
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